Benefits Of Hemp

Benefits Of Hemp 

Let us start by saying that the benefits of hemp fabric are simply incredible. Read on to discover why we’re such big advocates. 
Other than being a highly sustainable crop that nourishes the soil without much care or pesticides, hemp fabric happens to be efficient, long-lasting, and durable.  
It’s super comfortable and soft on the skin. Being such a loveable crop, it’s only fair we talk about the most amazing benefits of hemp clothing; not just for the body but for the environment as well. 

So what is hemp?  

Hemp is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It has a tall, fibrous stalk and contrary to what some may believe, has negligible levels of THC. It’s uses are endless, and is ideal for industrial use – including the production of oils, food, textiles, construction materials and many more.  

What are the uses for hemp fabric? 
The majority of hemp production is focused on clothing and accessories. Originally, hemp fabric was seen and appreciated as a novelty for those with an appreciation of the cannabis plant.  
The fabric remains a big favourite in the cannabis subculture. But, over the years, people from all around the globe have begun to appreciate the fabric for its many benefits rather than its association with cannabis, which usually has negative connotations.  
As well as multipurpose hemp messenger bags, you’ll find a variety of textiles available in hemp thanks to its all-round versatile properties, including dresses, trousers, jackets, skirts, children’s clothing and household items including tablecloths, upholstery, bedding and blankets.  

And now onto the many benefits of hemp. 

Hemp helps reduce carbon from the environment 
Every industry should be considering the impact of their carbon footprint and its contribution to global warming. The fashion industry, for one, is a major contributor to global warming and environmental issues. So-called fast fashion has created a throwaway culture of quick production and swift disposal which, of course, has environmental repercussions.  
This is where hemp comes to the rescue. As a crop, it helps absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Conventional crops such as cotton are more damaging to the planet, whereas hemp presents a sustainable, alternative solution. 

Uses Less Water 

Hemp reduces water consumption 
Traditional clothing crops such as cotton require heavy irrigation, putting a strain on fresh water resources. Hemp crops are able to thrive without the use of excessive irrigation. Its water consumption levels are significantly lower compared to other crops which is why moving over to hemp cultivation and choosing hemp clothing is an effective way to minimise water usage.  
Plus, the minimal use of chemicals helps to avoid soil erosion that occurs with logging. This ultimately helps to protect bodies of water such as lakes, streams and rivers from excessive pollution. 

It's not detrimental to soil health 
Hemp can grow in most soil types, and what’s more, it doesn’t rob earth of its nutrients or other properties. To the contrary: it can help restore some of the vital nutrients that may have previously been lost. Farmers are able to grow multiple hemp cycles on the same land and use it as part of crop rotation. Hemp is also resistant to pests. It doesn’t require fertilization either because the shedding of the leaves helps feed the soil. And if that wasn’t enough, hemp is also biodegradable. 

Hemp fabric wears well 
It’s also easy on the skin, too, as it’s breathable and absorbs sweat. Plus, on the manufacturing side, it’s super easy to dye and resistant to fading. Hemp doesn’t abrase easily, holds its shape and even gets softer and gentler, wash after wash, wear after wear. An added benefit of hemp clothing is its resistance to mould, mildew and UV rays.  

It has antimicrobial properties 
As well as being incredibly durable, hemp fabric has the ability to fight microbes. It’s naturally beneficial for those with bad body odour as it helps prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria.  
Hemp’s antimicrobial properties ensure it lasts longer than other textiles such as cotton and polyester. 

Hemp clothing is actually quite a softie 
Hemp clothing is incredibly comfortable to wear – especially the longer you own it and more that you wash it. You’ll find that over time, the hemp cloth becomes softer but – importantly – not weaker. 

Hemp is UV-resistant 
We all know about the sun’s damaging effect on our skin’s health. Luckily, hemp clothing has a high thread count, meaning it’s tightly woven and ideal for preventing the sun’s rays from penetrating the fabric. Therefore, it will keep you protected from the harmful effects of cancer-causing UV rays. 

Why we’re converts 
We believe hemp is truly magic and has the power to transform the world; both commercially and environmentally. That’s why it makes complete sense that we should switch to hemp from conventional crops for clothing and accessory production. 

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