About Us

Who and what is My Hemp Bag?  
My Hemp Bag is a creation by The Natural Hippy Ltd. A London-based brand that promotes wellbeing the natural way. When looking at fashion and sustainability we noticed time and time again the correlation between high sustainability credentials and even higher prices. So many of us find that making a conscious positive change within ourselves that ultimately benefits our incredible planet, ends up costing us more in monetary terms. We want to change that. 
We’re saying a long-awaited goodbye to that reality by developing high-quality hemp bags with sustainable materials that will have a direct impact on our Earth. We’re helping plant more trees with every purchase that offset emissions – all while ensuring your hard-earned dollars stay in your wallet. 
Don't you agree that this is the true essence of sustainability? 
Well, that’s what we believe in and that’s what we aim to do with this product so the direct benefits are to you and our planet. 
Help us help you rejuvenate Mother Earth by supporting this product.  
Why are sustainable products more expensive? 
Sustainable materials that go into making sustainable products are often more expensive to grow or produce and manufacture or process. For example, growing organic cotton using fairly paid labour with rigorous labour rights, will inevitably cost more compared to pesticide-laden cotton harvested by poorly paid workers. 
There are additional reasons for the added expense, too. While the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable options is growing, it’s still relatively low compared to mainstream alternatives. This means that whilst the mainstream non-green products can capitalise on economies of scale, that’s not so easy for those within the sustainable market. 
How do we reverse this reality? 
Firstly, we need eco-conscious producers who value the good their product can do over the profit it can make. 
However, the more you buy sustainable products the more you send out the signals of demand to change the landscape. 
As a result, non-sustainable producers start to realise that they need to change their production processes to suit their changing customer, and sustainable producers are able to produce their products more cost-effectively. 
Ready to make a change? Start with a truly sustainable hemp bag. 
A special thank you to our team  
Auther, Emma, Askild, Anthony, Mitch, Afolabi, Paul, Ritika, Jiaming, Nick, Minu, one tree planted.